Digital Marketing

Before we dive into specifics, we should say WHY we offer Digital Marketing services in the first place. To phrase it a bit like the great Morpheus from the Matrix (back in 1999): “The Internet is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you turn on your television, take out your smartphone or even turn on your lights. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes.”

Combine accessibility with the fact that online marketing requires the smallest financial investment while yielding the greatest results and voila. Digital marketing gives an equal start/opportunity to businesses to get in front of their audience.

That’s how we started and grew to a full-service digital marketing agency. The only printed things that we have are our business cards (and they don’t run out all that fast LOL). So, how do we fit in your world?

Most products or services are born from an idea. Ideas are short, but powerful, and help people build their dreams. Ideas, however, don’t necessarily achieve those dreams. They need to be explained, marketed, sold.

Content is as valuable part of digital marketing as your idea. It tells the world what you have done, built, constructed or implemented in a way for it to be found and understood. We’ve helped companies and individuals who had the RIGHT IDEA introduce it to the world, using the right message in combination with the proper digital marketing tools and expertise.

The standard approach for any business is to create and provide something, assuming it will yield the desired results. We call this shooting in the dark, while blindfolded.

Did you know that there is a way to REALLY understand what people want and what they need? Were you aware that there are others out there who already know that secret and use it daily in expanding their successful businesses? Well, we are lucky enough to know it too. It’s not something that you can do tomorrow before lunch. It’s a rather special, systematic approach known as FUNNEL IMPLEMENTATION. It’s an innovative part of a digital marketing strategy and a way to easily research the markets and truly find out what people want.

We know it, because we’ve done it. We’ve even built software for it.

We believe that the term SEO has been rather abused in the past few years. Every other company out there claims that they know SEO and they provide such services. Embarrassingly enough, we’ve been offered such services by those same digital marketing companies and we’ve asked ourselves “When they approach us, do they actually read about who we are and what we do?”

The biggest problem, however, is not the fact that everyone believes they know SEO. The problem is the one-size-fits-all approach that firms massively sell to their clients. The truth is - SEO is extremely specific, depending on the client. One client might need help with an overall strategy, another might require keyword research and assistance with technical optimisation. The approach is ALWAYS custom and it should always be based on an initial due diligence report, followed by the proper online marketing strategy.

Let us see where you stand, before we go into specifics.

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