Most successful people and companies are the result of the right choices. The right choices are based in most cases on the correct advice. This is where digital strategy consulting plays a big role in the contemporary business.

If we put aside our ego, one can clearly see that we always need help in the vast areas of our business environments. Coincidentally, the consulting business is one the most expensive sector. What would you do to get the right recipe for success? Would you waste time with the hopes of maybe stumbling upon it, or would you prefer finding it right away?

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are clearly in the wrong room. Instead, surround yourself with players and experts. We don’t say that we, as a full-service digital marketing agency, know everything. However, what we do know, we are experts at it. Here’s how we can help you, if you chose Shtrak BG Ltd. for your business strategy consultant.

After your initial concept, this is step one of your future endeavours. This step is crucial because it can do one of the following:
  1. It can kill your initial idea momentum and put a thundercloud over your desire to continue.
  2. It can eat up your budget in a matter of days, leaving you with nothing but debt and wasted time.
  3. It can steer you in a totally different direction in your business path.
Unfortunately, these concerns are reality for 90% of all startups. Instead of burning through your kitty give us a call. The online world has tremendous inexpensive or even free tools and services that you can use for your baby steps and as a digital strategy consulting agency we know them. We can help you introduce your business, within your budget and your timeline.

Since people live double lives these days (one offline and one online), sometimes they tend to proclaim themselves as connoisseurs of everything in the Internet world. Do yourself a favour and don’t be one of those people.

Everyone can post on Facebook, but not everyone is an expert, who spent the entire education and career on how to achieve and track results in social media and online advertising. This is where we, as a digital strategy consulting agency, come in. We are lucky to have such experts in our team and we’ll be glad to help you take the right path.

A lot of people have an idea on how to generate leads when it comes to their business. Few of them however know how to retain them. It is one thing to find a client online and another to keep that client involved in your products and services.

Building and automating funnels might seem complicated at first, but this ongoing process is a key element in retaining and upselling clientele. There are best practices and tools that we use to help you understand and see your business status quo, which is why we would like to believe that we are great in digital strategy consulting. Furthermore, we can guide you how to truly understand what people in your market want, don’t want, and need.

Did you know that over 90% of your daily tasks can be completely automated? Everything from your email, newsletters, statistics, shoutouts, followups and even your advertising can be automated. Why do you need know this? Automation helps you free your time, sees where you stand and saves you a TON OF MONEY.

Process automation is a bit like your personal assistant doing your work for you. It can report to you anytime you want and it can warn you about potential threats. Why not giving it a try? As you can see digital strategy consulting goes a long way. Call us and if we don’t give you at least one quick tip how to improve your business instantly, the coffee's on us.

We are not referring to digital or design prototyping. Here we talk about the business aspect of it. Did you know that you can start selling and finding your clients without even having any products or services to sell? It is possible, if you use the right prototyping techniques.

This approach is widely used when you want to get a feel of the market’s demand. Not only that, but prototyping helps you redefine your products and services while saving you money. We’ll give you a hint: Pre-order. You want more hints?

Did we mention that we are a full-service marketing agency that is great in digital strategy consulting? By reading this you already got in touch with the right people.

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