Boutique Web Design Services

When first founded back in 2007 in Valdosta, Georgia, Shtrak was a boutique web design studio. It helped local businesses develop and expand their online presence by adopting the latest trends in website design. With time, we shifted our focus from web design to web software.

Over 10 years later, now as a full-service digital marketing agency, our focus leans back towards boutique web design. Why, you might ask? This is something that we LOVE doing. Building an online presence from the ground up gives us tremendous satisfaction. The difference now is our experience. What we knew then seems funny to us today. Now, we have the resources, the knowledge and the wisdom to help top-notch business ideas blossom into well-established brands.

A lot of people tend to go from zero to hero overnight, ignoring the most important element of their business concept - the brand. Many don’t realise how crucial branding is. To put it in perspective, branding is the shape and form of an idea. It is what people remember and what they recognise. It is so important that without it, everything floats in open space. This is where boutique web design can help the most - to emphasize the uniqueness of every brand, or business venue.

Another important factor when it comes to branding is what we call Branding Clutter. We are so surrounded by brands these days, that we’ve learned to ignore them. When you go to a grocery store, do you pay attention to every logo and label out there, or do you just grab whatever you are used to? The proper recipe for branding should have a flavour of magic, magic that can help you STAND OUT, be remembered and be recognised. What’s the secret? We can tell you…

Unlike industrial design, digital design as part of the boutique web design does not have a shape or form, it cannot be touched and manipulated in a physical way. Digital design relies on only two human senses - sight and sometimes hearing. Of course, when done right, digital design can be transferred into tangible mediums, or be inspired and developed from such, but prior to that it is what it is - digital.

Why say all this? Well, since digital design relies only on those two human senses, the recipe for a successful boutique web design should be very, very well put together. Did you know that the average human attention span is a tat over 8 seconds? The majority of the gazillion websites out there are fighting a monster called Bounce Rate - the point where people see something and navigate away from it or just simply close it.

That’s why the look and feel of your website design should really pop out. It should grab your visitors not only with content, but with visual representation as well. We’ve learned this with time and through trial and error. TALK TO AN EXPERT

Some people think that development is like rocket science. Especially when it comes to achieving boutique web design functionalities and looks. The next words might shock you a bit, but we tend to agree. Not only that, but against all judgements, we call our developers 'engineers.'

Why engineers? Unlike most daisy companies (more on that later), we hire and work only with the most talented people we can find. Just like actual engineers, Shtrak developers are regulated, certified, and are subject to apprenticeship. Developing and coding a product is, wait for it, ART. It is art because writing something that can withstand depreciation is extremely hard. It’s like writing a book with an idea that is to be applicable and up-to-date 5 years down the road. It is a game of anticipation and very strict preparation.

As we say, coding is the easy and fun part. The difficult part is to plan and execute something that a few years from now will still work on all devices, will still be desirable and most of all, usable. Ask any developer out there, and you’ll see why all of them write for themselves. Most of them cannot guarantee that their work will function properly in two years time or that whoever steps in would be able to take it from there. The first thing our engineers do is to plan and project. Coding and testing come second.