about us


In 2012 we claimed our position as an innovative digital marketing agency with a gaze out into the promising future! The first version of our web-based platform Povikvane, which included short message service (SMS) and automated phone calls, was picking up speed. We already had strong business relationship with big companies, such as the multinational electricity giant E.ON. We set the stage to become a full-service digital marketing agency. The game was on!


The business was growing, the number of new team members was growing as well. The only thing left was to get ourselves a new comfy office. One that would reflect our alternative style and inspire our limitless creative minds. The digital marketing agency Shtrak was already consulting other businesses, managing a one-of-a-kind messaging platform, and negotiating big contracts. Strong year indeed!


With a growing portfolio of clients, the need to put the foundations for various departments within the company was growing as well. The opportunity to become a full-service digital marketing agency was obvious. And most importantly, it was no longer just an idea or a dream for the bright future. It was our clients who were trusting us with their business more and more. We had to expand the scope of our competences, if we wanted to keep our competitive advantage.


This year was amazing for us. We finally moved from a digital marketing agency to a full-service one. We already had the most important teams big enough to make an official company structure with Digital Marketing, Development and Designers departments. If back in the days we considered that nothing was impossible for us, in 2015 we backed it up by teams of great professionals and new important business relationships. One big happy family!


While steadily growing our portfolio of clients and building even stronger business relationships with the companies that trusted us, we decided that it’s time to diversify our own homegrown software portfolio. There were a lot of ideas from every team member of our growing digital marketing agency, thus, a lot of opportunities. Finally, we decided to give our messaging platform an overhaul in order to work even better for our customers. Also, we released daFridge, a free iOS app for creating a fully-interactive grocery shopping list, with multifunctional items within it. And last but not least, we successfully negotiated the creation of a one-of-a-kind app in partnership with one of our biggest and most trusted customers. It does feel kinda corporate now...


As 2017 progresses, our main goal is to prove the world, including our future business customers like yourself we hope, what a capable full-service digital marketing agency we are. We at Shtrak BG Ltd. would love to hear about you, your business, your ideas and dreams. We have the competence and know-how to help you grow your brand into a trusted factor within the industry that you operate. Just give us a call!